Responsive Design with A Media Query

In this video, I added the following @media rule (media query) to an existing application (events):

@media screen and (max-width: 40em){
        grid-template-rows: 1fr 2fr 6fr 1fr;
        grid-template-columns: 1fr;
        display: inline;

to implement a "Responsive Design":

This bonus video is a part of the:

Web Components with Boundary Control Entity, lit-html and redux--an application walk through

A walk through the "events" application from the Building Applications with native Web Components, lit-html and redux online workshop. Also featuring the "Boundary Control Entity" BCE structure:

Just Write Code and Keep It Forever--an Podcast

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The #82 episode with Markus Karg (@mkarg) about:
about JAX-RS and the importance of APIs in real world
is available for download.

AWS Cognito, JVM vs. native, Quarkus vs. WildFly, DataSources, DI, MP metrics, GraalVM--or 73rd

Topics ( for the 73rd (always first Monday of the month, 8pm CET / CEST):

  1. Interactive code review of BCE-based web component / redux / lit-html application
  2. JSF integration with AWS cognito
  3. wrk vs. vegeta [blog comment]
  4. JVM vs. native GraalVM performance [blog comment]
  5. @manytomany with JSON-B
  6. What is the magic behind Quarkus?
  7. Use Cases for GraalVM native images
  8. Application Servers vs. Quarkus, Helidon and Co.
  9. A standard way to define DataSources
  10. Field Injection vs. Constructor Injection
  11. Exposing MP metrics to authenticated users only
  12. DI without reflection
  13. Hooking into MP config
  14. Java 6 to Java 11 migrations
  15. OpenAM for authorization
  16. Is @Stateless equivalent to @RequestScoped and @Transactional
  17. Database tables naming conventions
Any questions left? Ask now: and get the answers at the next

Building Web Apps with Web Components, redux and lit-html--Online Workshop

In the online workshops and I used vanilla web standards APIs to build simple apps.

However, in my projects, workshops and meetups I gathered a lot of questions like:

  • How to structure a serious app?
  • How to deal with state?
  • How the components communicate with each other?
  • How do you test a serious app?
  • Are you productive without a framework?
  • What about data binding?
  • Can you use 3rd-party routers?
  • How to modularize a complex app?
  • Are custom elements too fine grained?
  • Are you using CSS frameworks?
  • How to integrate 3rd party components?
  • How to deal with long running server requests?
  • How to handle errors?
  • Do you need a build process?
  • (...)

I answered many such questions during the > 5h, 100 episodes, continuous coding workshop: Building apps with Web Components, redux and lit-html

Building web applications with Web Components

This time, I coded what is reasonable "from scratch" and used the following next gen, standard-based libraries / tools, with the goal in mind "develop fast, never migrate":

Strip The Cow To The Skeleton--an Podcast

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The #81 episode with Arjan Tijms (@arjan_tijms) about:, building servlet engines from scratch, Jakarta EE Security, Maven as filesystem, MicroProfile and Cloud Events
is available for download.

500 kB ThinWARs on Podcast

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The #80 episode with Bastian Sperrhacke (@deratzmann) about:
500 kB ThinWAR microservices at AWS, the RAM costs and fast deployments
is available for download.

Back to Shared podcast

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The #79 episode with Romain Manni-Bucau (@rmannibucau) about:
matte paintings, BigData, standard APIs and business logic, Java EE, MicroProfile, mixing OSGi, Java EE and MicroProfile, hot-reloading JVM services over restarting containers with microservices
is available for download.

"Meta-Circularity is Near", GraalVM, podcast

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The #78 episode with Thomas Wuerthinger (@thomaswue) about:
writing JVM in Java, meta-circular optimizations, Maxine, inner workings of GraalVM, Truffle and JavaScript on GraalVM
is available for download.

Also checkout the first part "The Competitive Programmer".

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